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Pharmaceutical and healthcare law focuses on all the special legislation and legal aspects to do with medicine provision, biotechnology and healthcare. Whether it concerns manufacturing, operations, licences, rates, quality, market regulation or care insurance, there is specific legislation for all these areas.

CMS advises wholesalers, manufacturers, care institutions, professionals, sector associations and care insurers in this field.

We have extensive knowledge of the specific regulations and all other legal issues you may find yourself confronted with in this sector. For example, we can assist you in obtaining licences, biotech project financing, private initiatives in healthcare, scientific medical research, care rates and budgets, advertising and all aspects in relation to professional practice.

We also provide advice on mergers and takeovers, competition matters, tendering, patents and all kinds of contracts. You can also call on our assistance in related areas such as medical aids, healthcare products and cosmetics.

In this complex and highly regulated area of the law, both nationally and within the EU, it is vital to have access to a European network of experts. That is why we at CMS have brought together a team of specialists which allows us to be of service to you both within and far beyond our national borders.

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Ellen Gielen
Ellen Gielen
Netherlands, Utrecht
Ellen Gielen is head of the Life Sciences group in the Netherlands. She is an expert in regulatory, compliance and complex contractual matters and represents leading international life science companies...
Gertie Lintjens
Gertie Lintjens
Of Coun­sel
Netherlands, Utrecht
Gertie Lintjens is a Life Sciences expert who has gained almost 20 years of experience working as in-house counsel, predominately in the Life Sciences industry. After being appointed a judge trainee...