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CMS is releasing its ‘Sharing is (S)caring’ Podcast Series


What are the key technical, policy, commercial and ethical building blocks that must be in place to meet the needs of a digital society that is not only inclusive, sustainable, commercially viable, but also secure? These issues were discussed at the fifth annual global CMS Technology, Media and Communications (TMC) conference where sector experts, investors and financiers gathered for the day. Now CMS releases its ‘Sharing is (S)caring’ Podcast Series.

In the upcoming three episodes specialists Tey El-Rjula (The Invisible Man), Zsuzsanna Mátrai (Microsoft) and Henk Markerink (Johan Cruyff Arena) will provide insights from out their specific context. Every Wednesday we will release a new Sharing is (S)caring podcast. Please visit your podcast channel of choice and use the subscribe button to receive a push-message for every new release.


Your face is a weapon

Many will already be familiar with 'facial recognition'. The term is regularly seen in news stories, with communities such as San Francisco banning the use of it by their police departments. If you use one of the newer smartphones, the chances are you use this technology multiple times a day. In this episode Tey El-Rjula, The Invisible Man, will share his passion for digital identity technologies.

Our shared responsibility for AI 

As artificial intelligence (AI) use increases, it raises questions about the relationships between people and technology. AI can be a tremendous tool if used wisely thanks to its ability to amplify human capabilities. In this episode Zsuzsanna Mátrai (Corporate Affairs Director, Central and Eastern Europe of Microsoft) will share insights of the Microsoft approach on artificial intelligence. To achieve Microsoft's mission of empowering every person on the planet, Zsuzsanna shares that empathy is the key. "You need empathy to be able to empower every person you need to understand their needs, even their unspoken needs." When it comes to new tech, and especially AI, you need to be even more understanding and empathetic.

The connected stadium of the future

What can we expect from the connected stadiums of the future? In this episode CEO of the Johan Cruyff Arena, Henk Markerink, will talk about how innovation and technology will enhance the future football experience. When we're talking about connected stadiums of the future Henk believes that it would be wrong to focus on the technical definition of connected. "Stadiums of the future will be connected socially and economically to society. One event at the Johan Cruyff Arena can have an economic impact to Amsterdam of around €50m.” He predicts that stadiums will become the "churches of the 21st century, with football as the religion"

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