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CMS releases podcast series on public private partnerships (PPP)


CMS is releasing a podcast series on public private partnerships (PPP) in infrastructure projects and potential ways of improving such partnerships in the Netherlands, as well as across Europe.

The series consists of 3 episodes and includes specialists as Theo Winter (Board of Directors of Dura Vermeer), Graeme Young (Partner Public Procurement of CMS UK), Paul Smith (Partner Energy, Projects and Construction of CMS UK) and Jonathan Dames (Partner of CMS UK). 

The podcasts were recorded during the sixth CMS Public Procurement Forum in Amsterdam. Episodes are scheduled to release every Wednesday. Please visit your podcast channel of choice and use the subscribe button to be notified every time we release a new episode.


Public private partnerships: Relevant experience in the UK by Graeme Young (CMS)
How to get the two stage tendering model into bigger PPP contract? Graeme Young, Partner Public Procurement of CMS in the UK, will discuss different legal scenarios and tendering models for PPP projects from a UK perspective.  

Public private partnerships: Legal scenarios for PPP projects by Chris Jansen (Vrije University Amsterdam)
What is two stage tendering about? Chris Jansen is a Professor of Private Law at Vrije University Amsterdam and the Chairman of the Dutch Commission of Procurement Experts. He will discuss potential legal PPP scenarios as traditional tendering, 2 phase tendering and no price tendering as wel as how to prevent conflicts of interest.

Public private partnerships: Experiences of a market party by Theo Winter (Dura Vermeer)
What challenges do market parties experience in procuring and executing PPP projects? As a representative of a contracting party, Theo Winter (Member of the Board of Directors of Dura Vermeer) will discuss various recent PPP projects in the Netherlands. 

Public private partnerships: Financing PPP projects by Paul Smith and Jonathan Dames (both CMS) - Released on 11 March 2020

What are the financial aspects of a PPP contract? Paul Smith, Partner CMS UK, Head CMS Energy, Projects and Construction Group and Jonathan Dames, Partner CMS UK will be discussing learnings of financing and operational issues in PPP projects in the UK.