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Tokenized Assets: An Asian way of trading digital assets



GlenBit Co-founder, Amy Wang, and Team Blockchain CEO, Jonny Fry, will give you an Asian perspective on tokenizing digital assets. GlenBit is a blockchain assets exchange platform which has its technical and operational teams spread over Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Their Asia offices are based in Tokyo, Beijing, Zhengzhou and Shenzhen. Jonny Fry will ask Amy Wang about her experiences in the digital asset space and the direction in which she thinks the industry will be heading in the near future. Fry will also share his vision of a future in which all assets will be digitized.

This podcast was recorded during the Tokenized Assets conference in Amsterdam. Did you enjoy this podcast? Or do you want to access other recordings of this conference? Please visit our podcast channel and use the subscribe button to stay up to date on legal content.

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