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Legal, business and cultural dynamics in The Netherlands are different from those in China. This can be difficult, but at the same time generates a competitive advantage for those who can operate with ease in both countries. Our cross-border China Practice in The Netherlands and China (Shanghai and Beijing) masters both worlds and provides you with the vigor you need for success in both markets. 

From our CMS offices in The Netherlands and China, we are always close to your business and “on the ball” in both time zones. Our extensive experience in advising both Dutch as Chinese clients has empowered us to understand what separates and unites both worlds. This experience and knowledge enables us to stimulate cooperation and communication between – the right – Dutch and Chinese partners. Seamless across physical, cultural and language barriers. If at any moment things do not work out as expected, you can also count on us.

The lawyers of our China Practice

As a CMS client, you can call on highly experiences lawyers who know the Dutch and Chinese laws and regulations. Our China Practice consists of both Dutch as Chinese lawyers who know each other well through years of cooperation. They have extensive business, cultural and life experience in The Netherlands and China and help to advance your business in both markets: in Dutch, Chinese or English, in suit at the office, casual in a teahouse, or during dinner.

Both in China as The Netherlands, our people maintain close relationships with relevant government authorities, business parties and networks. We use these relationships to propel your business, since your success means our success.

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Mark Ziekman
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Cecilia van der Weijden
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TMC Sec­tor in China Pre­dic­tions for 2017
You may be won­der­ing what de­vel­op­ments will im­pact you and your busi­ness in the TMC sec­tor in China this year.  We have re­flec­ted on the de­vel­op­ments from 2016 and pre­dicted key de­vel­op­ments for 2017...
China Lifes­ci­ences Up­date and Pre­dic­tions for 2017
2016 saw im­port­ant de­vel­op­ments for the Lifes­ci­ences sec­tor in China, in­clud­ing:The launch of anti-trust in­vest­ig­a­tions by the Na­tion­al De­vel­op­ment and Re­form Com­mis­sion (the ‘NDRC’) in­to the phar­ma­ceut­ic­al...
CMS opens of­fice in Hong Kong
Frank­furt – In­ter­na­tion­al law firm CMS has opened an of­fice in Hong Kong. Fol­low­ing years of pre­vi­ous activ­ity by the CMS In­ter­na­tion­al Ar­bit­ra­tion Group in Hong Kong and in­tense pre­par­a­tions, ap­prov­al...
09 September 2014
Break­fast meet­ing on ex­pat­ri­ation of Dutch em­ploy­ees to China
On Tues­day 9 Septem­ber 2014 CMS or­gan­izes a break­fast meet­ing on ex­pat­ri­ation of Dutch em­ploy­ees to China.The scope of the break­fast meet­ing is to in­form and up­date em­ploy­ers who (in­tend to) ex­pat­ri­ate...
China tax reg­u­la­tion up­date - June 2014
Bring­ing you the latest de­vel­op­ments in Chinese tax law.Please click here to down­load the table high­light­ing the de­vel­op­ments.
Beijing High Court is­sues a Guid­ance for tri­al of cases in­volving trade­mark...
Re­cently, the Beijing High Court is­sued a Guid­ance for Tri­al of Ad­min­is­trat­ive Cases In­volving Grant­ing and Own­er­ship De­term­in­a­tion of Trade­mark Rights (“Guid­ance”). The Guid­ance refers to de­cisions...
What com­pan­ies us­ing seconded em­ploy­ees in China should do now
Last year, the PRC Labor Con­tract Law was amended, provid­ing for stricter con­trol of the use of seconded em­ploy­ees. The amend­ments be­came ef­fect­ive on 1 Ju­ly 2013 (Amended LCL). For de­tails, please see...
The Shang­hai Pi­lot Free Trade Zone - Fur­ther Up­dates
On 18 Septem­ber 2013, the State Coun­cil is­sued the No­tice re­gard­ing Pub­lish­ing the Gen­er­al Scheme of the China (Shang­hai) Pi­lot Free Trade Zone ("FTZ"), which for the first time provided more de­tails...
Second Draft of New Con­sumer Pro­tec­tion Law in China
Watch­ing China’s move to a new Law on the Pro­tec­tion of Con­sumer Rights and In­terests ("CPL") in May 2013, we re­por­ted on the first draft of the Amend­ments to the Law on the Pro­tec­tion of Con­sumer Rights...
China ad­opts the Third Re­vi­sion of Trade­mark Law
The cur­rent PRC Trade­mark Law was pro­mul­gated on 23 Au­gust 1992 and sub­sequently re­vised in 1993 and 2001 re­spect­ively. On 30 Au­gust 2013, Chinese le­gis­lat­ors ad­op­ted the third re­vi­sion of the PRC Trade­mark...