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Compliance Policies

Compliance system policies

Compliance System Policy

Given the importance of Compliance Programs and Crime Prevention Systems, CMS Grau has implemented a Compliance Policy of  “zero tolerance” against acts of corruption, money laundering and terrorism financing.

This Policy represents one of the pillars of our Compliance Management System. If you would like to access more information regarding our Policy and System, enter to the following link.

CMS Grau ethics line

Our objective is to facilitate the communication regarding to any event that contravenes our Compliance Management System, as well as answer any questions regarding it. In that sense, we invite you to send all communication through the following email address: buzon.etico@cms-grau.com. All information will be received and treated by our Compliance Committee with strict reservation and confidentiality.

You can also communicate anonymously by clicking here.

Criminal Compliance Management System Policy | CMS Grau 2023
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