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Compliance Diagnostic Audit

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Every organisation has risk prevention measures in place, whether evident or not. In this regard, we have an audit service aimed at identifying first of all the level of compliance of the company and, once the system has been implemented, the gaps that must be filled for the subsequent certification audit of the anti-bribery management system in accordance with the ISO 37001:2016 standard.

Our compliance diagnostic audit seeks to identify the existing gaps in companies, both with respect to the Peruvian law on the administrative responsibility of the legal entity and the special regulations of the Superintendency of Banks, Insurance and Pension Fund Administrators, when applicable. Once the system has been implemented, we work with our clients in the ISO 37001:2016 certification process, so that they are able to satisfy the auditors' requirements until the certificate is awarded.

In this way, our customers have the necessary information to meet the requirements of our legislation regarding the minimum measures necessary to implement in their compliance programs.


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