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Due diligence

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The greatest risk that companies are concerned about is their relationship with third parties or any other type of business partner. Our extensive experience in criminal and corporate matters enables us to understand the economic and reputational contingencies of this relationship and to identify the specific factors that may reflect on our clients from this relationship.

With this in mind, our due diligence service consists of the identification and evaluation of existing information in State entities in matters of corruption, money laundering and financing of terrorism and, together with reviews of lists of international sanctions, we provide our clients with real and current information on the third parties with whom they are linked, the potential contingencies derived from said relationship, as well as the prevention measures suggested to reduce the risks of contagion.


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At CMS Grau we un­der­stand that the greatest value of an or­gan­isa­tion is in build­ing an eth­ic­al cul­ture and a re­spons­ible cor­por­ate struc­ture that seeks to avoid or pre­vent reg­u­lat­ory vi­ol­a­tions and...