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Implementation of compliance programs

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CMS Grau presents its clients with alternatives that allow the adequate implementation of a compliance program, starting from the initial diagnostic audit, which is a key element for the correct design of a compliance program.

The auditing, design and implementation phases are carried out through a methodology that contemplates the active participation of the client, in such a way that a fluid exchange of information regarding its characteristics and needs is achieved.

The activities carried out are led by an experienced team of lawyers and engineers specialized in the implementation and certification of management systems in accordance with ISO 37001:2016, thus creating an in-house service, tailor-made and innovative in the market, since we design management systems with high quality standards and with a focus on compliance in the legal regulatory environment and risk prevention.

Our vision of compliance lies not only in providing our clients with a management tool that respects local legislation, but also that they have a real and effective way to prevent the commission of crimes that may be committed by their collaborators within the framework of their activities, by means of prevention and mitigation plans.


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