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Investigaciones internas

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We provide legal counsel in investigations generated within companies as a result of suspicions about the existence of irregularities that triggers alerts in the organization or for specific cases of whistleblowing collected via the complaints channel. In any of these cases, any complaint requires a response, in accordance with local and international regulations.

As a result, our internal investigation service allows the organization to reconstruct the facts as they occurred and identify the reasons and possible shortcomings in the affected areas and processes so that it can take the suggested remedial actions or, if necessary, resort to the authorities. Hand in hand with specialists in criminal matters, our service allows us to guarantee the integrity of the investigation and the evidence generated from it, as well as to safeguard the position of the company before an eventual investigation by the authorities.

Lastly, it is necessary to point out that all investigations carried out are protected by professional secrecy between lawyer and client so that all information is handled with absolute confidentiality.


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