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As a direct result of the constant dynamism of the Compliance Programs, the need arises to educate our clients' collaborators about the risks from committing crimes that they may face both internally and externally.

With this perspective, our training service in criminal matters concerning the operation and components of the implemented systems seeks to ensure that the organization's collaborators at all levels know how the risks of committing crimes are presented in each of their activities and how these risks affect both the organization and its directors.


Com­pli­ance Bro­chure
At CMS Grau we un­der­stand that the greatest value of an or­gan­isa­tion is in build­ing an eth­ic­al cul­ture and a re­spons­ible cor­por­ate struc­ture that seeks to avoid or pre­vent reg­u­lat­ory vi­ol­a­tions and...