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Portrait of Mariusz Minkiewicz

Mariusz Minkiewicz

Senior Associate

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang Pośniak i Bejm sp.k.
Warsaw Financial Centre
ul. Emilii Plater 53
00-113 Warsaw
Languages Polish, English

Mariusz Minkiewicz is an advocate and a Senior Associate in the Dispute Resolution Department at CMS.

Mariusz specialises in corporate crime issues, with experience in conducting internal investigations in enterprises in connection with suspected crimes or other irregularities. He also advises clients on cybercrime and assists them in recovering assets. Mariusz represents clients in proceedings (investigations and court proceedings) regarding corporate crime, and participates in the development of procedural strategy and prepares pleadings. Part of his practice includes the development of compliance policies designed to minimise the risk of criminal or corrupt behaviour and prepare companies for visits of law enforcement agencies (dawn raids), as well as leading training sessions for clients on this.

Another area of law in which Mariusz specialises are civil disputes, in particular construction disputes involving complex technical opinions. He is also experienced in disputes involving medical aspects and analysis of medical documentation.

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  • 2016 – advocate, Warsaw Bar of Advocates
  • 2012 – Master of Law, Faculty of Law, University of Białystok, Białystok
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