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Highlights of our experience in Manufacturing in Poland

  • PZ Cussons (a leading Polish manufacturer of household chemicals) in relation to the sale of part of its assets which covered a trademark portfolio.
  • GE Power Controls on the development of a manufacturing and warehousing facility in Poland, including negotiating a development agreement.
  • Bombardier Transportation Polska on complex assistance in the development of a production facility in Poland, including negotiating a development agreement and other development-related agreements.
  • Amica Wronki S.A., the listed Polish leading producer of white goods, on the GBP £24.3m acquisition of the CDA Group Limited, a UK-based retailer of high quality kitchen appliances. CDA is a trading company using external manufacturers.
  • Apator S.A., the listed Polish producer of utility meters, on acquisition of a 100% stake in Przedsiebiorstwo Wdrozen Postepu Technicznego Elkomtech S.A.
  • Shareholders of CIMAT Sp. z o.o. on the sale of the 100% stake in Cimat Sp. z o.o., a leading company in the field of balancer manufacturing and sales in Poland and one of renowned international distributors, to the Belgian company BEP Europe NV.
  •  Faurecia Automotive Poland and other Faurecia group companies (Polish branch of France-based world’s leading producers of automotive parts) providing ongoing advice on the legal & tax aspects of operations in Special Economic Zones in Poland, including specifically tax settlements, the scope of CIT exemption, the value of intra-Zone and extra-Zone expenses and income, including representing the companies in litigation proceedings and in disputes with the tax authorities.
  • Autocam Poland sp. z o.o. (a manufacturer of medical equipment components and components used in the automotive industry) obtaining a permit to conduct operations in Special Economic Zone and ongoing legal and tax advice in connection with operations in SEZ.
  • Suruga Polska sp. z o.o. (producer of industrial automation components, including steel rollers, quills, guide bars and elements of car injectors) providing ongoing legal and tax advice on all aspects of conducting activities in the Pomorska Special Economic Zone, as well as legal and tax advice concerning the company’s exit from the Special Economic Zone, including conducting the liquidation process.

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