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Above and Beyond: Belt and Road Initiative investment and risk outlook

A study of infrastructure investment trends

19 February 2019

Welcome to our inaugural edition of the CMS Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) investment and risk outlook, published in association with Mergermarket.

Monumental in its scope and financing requirements, China’s BRI is both impressive and a question mark looming over the international community. While some investors remain cautious given geopolitical concerns, few can deny the opportunities and untapped rewards that exist for those that get involved. As attitudes change, so too will the investor mix: to date, Chinese firms have been most active although other participants may soon join the initiative.

In our research, market sentiments are warming to the notion that international investors, including private equity and multinational corporations (MNCs), will more actively participate. Their roles will vary, although market participants say multiple points of entry and opportunities are possible, including both partnerships with Chinese firms and as project leaders. Indeed, as the BRI expands from heavy infrastructure to “soft” infrastructure, opportunities for both Chinese companies and those outside the region will be more prevalent – the same will be true of the risks. Our survey of senior executives at Chinese and international corporations and investment firms explores the opportunities for these parties in the jurisdictions and industries along the various trade corridors. We also strive to identify the key risks that will be inherent in these transactions, a mix of challenges as diverse as the manifold countries involved in the BRI.

To read the full report, please download the pdf below.

Above and beyond: belt and road initiative 2019


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