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Our cross-border teams understand the details of your business and the environment you work in.

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Commercial Lawyers

As a business operating in today’s increasingly regulated markets, you need to manage your commercial risk while achieving your business objectives. Your success is built upon the effectiveness of your relationships with both customers and suppliers. Sector-specific contractual arrangements are key to this. Not only do you need the right legal answer, you need it in the context of the market in which you operate.

With over 350 lawyers across 42 countries, our multi-disciplinary teams are trained to understand the cultural and business variations impacting your commercial arrangements.

We organise our teams around sectors and industries relevant to you, including financial services, manufacturing, automotive, consumer products, energy, hotels and leisure, infrastructure and projects, lifesciences, supply and logistics, real estate and construction, technology, telecoms, media and sports. Our webinar and knowledge services also ensure that you are fully up to speed on all legal and regulatory developments.

Whether you require advice on commercial contracts, supply services, e-commerce, IT or telecoms agreements, data protection, design and manufacturing, advertising, sponsorship and marketing, consumer sales, software licensing, outsourcing or sales, agency, distribution and franchise agreements, our specialists can guide you towards the best business outcome for you.

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Picture of Maja Stepanovic
Maja Stepanović
Serbia, Belgrade
Maja Stepanović joined CMS Belgrade in 2002 after having worked with a local law office for several years. She specialises in all aspects of corporate law and transactions, including privatisations (advising...
Picture of Rasko Radovanovic
Raško Radovanović
Attorney-at-law for competition law & antitrust law | Coordinator of the CEE Competition Practice
Montenegro, Podgorica
North Macedonia, Skopje
Serbia, Belgrade
Raško Radovanović is an attorney-at-law and a leading expert in the fields of competition law, compliance and commercial. He leads the CMS competition law practice in Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. Raško...
Anja Tasic
Anja Tasić
Serbia, Belgrade
Anja Tasić is a lawyer specialised in commercial law. She advises various clients on everyday commercial issues, including the drafting and analysis of sales and purchase contracts, distribution agreements...
Picture of Dragana Jandric
Dragana Jandrić
Serbia, Belgrade
Dragana Jandrić specialises in real estate, dispute resolution and commercial law and can draw on several years of experience in advising international companies in Serbia on various legal matters. Throughout...
Jelena Đorđević
Serbia, Belgrade
Jelena Đorđević joined the CMS Belgrade team in October 2016 after graduating from the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Law.  During and after her studies, she completed several courses in the...
Picture of Srdjan Jankovic
Srđan Janković
Serbia, Belgrade
Srđan Janković advises clients on all aspects of public procurement procedures in Serbia and Bosnia and Hercegovina, based on his previous experience in healthcare sector. He previoulsy worked as a...