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Business Advisors delivering smart solutions

The success of any business depends on fruitful relationships with customers and suppliers, based on effective sector-specific contracts.

The CMS Commercial team is best known for its client focus, experience in documenting new and complex business models and advising in day-to-day operations.

Our clients see us as business advisors rather than lawyers who just “paper” a deal. We deliver smart solutions that make sense of and simplify transactions in ways that add value and make practical sense for all parties.

Our services include advising on:

  • Supply arrangements.
  • Services agreements.
  • Distribution agreements.
  • Joint venture agreements.
  • Any type of commercial or bespoke contract


Commercial Severance and Fair Compensation in the Commercial Agency Agreement:...
The views expressed in this article are solely of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of CMS Rodríguez-Azuero. Companies which commercialize their products in the Colombian territory...
Effects on commercial contracts by the Fair Terms Law (Law 2024 of 2020)...
What is the Fair Terms Law?Law 2024 of July 23, 2020, "By means of which payment rules are adopted in fair terms in the commercial field and other provisions on payment and invoicing are dictated", the...
Colombia: Force Majeure - Hardship in relation to Conflict and Sanctions
1. Is there legislation on war or related sanctions in your legal system? In the Colombian Penal Code, there is a section named “On goods and persons protected by International Humanitarian Law”...
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The development of corporate affairs requires flexibility and adaptability from corporate law, in order to protect the shareholders’ interests. Similarly, economic development depends largely on the...
Electronic signature law in commercial contracts in Colombia
1. Definition and formal requirements of written legal statements or legal statements legally binding if the law requires written form If the legal declaration is on paper, it must be signed with a handwritten...
Sandbagging clauses in Share Purchase Agreements in Colombia
In Colombia, as in many other Latin American jurisdictions, it is customary to include provisions of Common Law in share purchase agreements. Such is the case of the representations and warranties, and...
Law and regulation of force majeure in Colombia
1. Is there legislation on force majeure in your law system? Yes, Colombian legislation deals with the two concepts of force majeure and fortuitous events together. These are one of the three limitations...
Autonomous vehicles law and regulation in Colombia
1. Is the testing of AVs (SAE Levels 3-5) permitted on public roads in your jurisdiction? Most of the cars driven on Colombian streets have a 0-automaticity level. Therefore, this type of test has not...
The Civil Trust
Over the past few years, the civil trust has reappeared strongly, and its use is becoming increasingly frequent in legal relations, due to the economic and agile benefits that permeate this figure. The...