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Infrastructure & Project Finances

Your Legal Partner for Infrastructure Success

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As a sponsor, lender, or public sector organization, finding adept legal advisors for complex infrastructure and project financing transactions is paramount. Whether you are engaged in public works programs or private sector projects across sectors such as renewable energy, transport, roads, green technology for industrial facilities, real estate development (including heat recovery), health, education, waste, energy, IT/telecoms, leisure, ports, rail, or other sectors, CMS Wistrand stands ready to provide the essential legal guidance you need.

Experienced lawyers for all construction and infrastructure projects

Over the years, we have been instrumental in successfully delivering transactions in many of the above sectors. Our advisory services span both municipalities and the private sector, with expertise in all areas of infrastructure, construction and financing offering guidance on large development projects among others within renewable energy, green technology projects and other environmentally and socially important projects.

Partner with CMS Wistrand for a collaborative legal approach that ensures success and compliance at every stage of your infrastructure ventures. Whether you are navigating the complexities of international transactions or focusing on projects in the Swedish markets, our team is committed to providing tailored legal solutions for your unique needs.