5G regulation and law in Ukraine

1. What is the state of 5G deployment in your country?

5G is not available in Ukraine yet. In November 2020, the government adopted a step-by-step plan to implement 5G. The first tender will be announced in October 2021, and carried out in December 2021. The deployment of 5G is expected to commence starting from 2022 in the biggest cities.

2. Are telecoms companies monetising 5G investments - or are the services provided to consumers at similar prices to 4G? 

No 5G services are provided to consumers yet.

3. Has 5G been launched for industrial purposes? For which sectors?

No, 5G has not been launched for industrial purposes yet. The government expects to deploy several testing zones to test 5G in 2021.

4. What is being done to ensure that a wide range of operators and industrial companies, from small to large, have access to frequencies?

There are no exact rules for allocating or accessing 5G yet. In November 2020, the Ministry of Digitalisation initiated the release of bands for 5G that are currently in use by the military and for terrestrial TV services. A competitive process for the distribution of 5G frequencies is scheduled to begin in 2021.

5. What public tenders have awarded spectrum licences? 

No 5G public tender has been announced yet.

5.1 What were the criteria for awarding each of the tenders?

To date, the government has not set aside specific spectrum bands for 5G.

5.2 What are the conditions of the spectrum licence? 

The spectrum licence conditions have not been set.

5.3 What is the price and how is it calculated?

The price has not yet been calculated

6. Is there a long-term spectrum plan or announcements for future tenders? 

The first 5G public tender is expected to be announced in October 2021 and carried out in December 2021.

7. If 5G specific rules are drafted, what do they say?

No 5G specific rules have been drafted. It is expected that the rules will be drafted closer to the public tender.

8. What focused 5G network or spectrum sharing regulation exists?

There is no 5G-focused network or spectrum sharing regulation yet.

9. Are 5G network sharing or spectrum sharing agreements in place? 

There are no 5G network sharing or spectrum sharing agreements in place yet.

10. What are or will be the rules for granting competitors access to new 5G networks once they are deployed?

No respective rules have been adopted, and it is difficult to predict what these will be.

11. What comments have been made regarding 5G cyber-security and possible use of Chinese technology, including regulation?

The government has made no specific comments on 5G cyber-security and the potential use of Chinese technology.

Olga Belyakova
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Mykola Heletiy