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CMS Guide to Labour Law in Central Eastern Europe

April 2018

CMS Employment Practice Area Group is delighted to present the new edition of the guide covering main aspects of the labour law in fourteen jurisdictions in the Central Eastern Europe (CEE).

The CEE has progressed considerably in catching up with the market economies of Western Europe in the past decades. The European Union is still a driving force, despite the potential Brexit and the economic crisis which affected us all. Still, the political and economic implications of these factors on the labour market are immense, particularly in this developing region whose legal frameworks governing employment have experienced great changes in order to achieve harmonisation with EU legislation. This at the same time meant opening the borders to employees and business, as well as a great need for legal advise to smooth market entry, investment and the migration of employees.

We are proud to say that clients in this region have been relying on our professional and seamless labour law advice for almost three decades now. CMS has offices in eight EU countries, as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Turkiye, and the four EU candidate countries of Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia. Our experience and grasp of the legislative intricacies of the labour markets in this region is unmatched by any other law firm. CMS teams in all CEE offices are able to give clients support in all legal areas.

Labour law is a key factor when making an investment decision. Due to our clients’ demand for information about labour law in Middle and Eastern-European countries we have summarised the labour and social security law of the most important countries in this guide. We hope you will find it useful in handing general employment matters.

For any further and more specific guidance and advice you may need, you can reach out to your regular CMS contact or send an e-mail to employment@cmslegal.com.

CMS Guide to Labour Law in Central Eastern Europe
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