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What is ethical and trustworthy Artificial Intelligence? How to mitigate the AI risks?

Webinar series: Artificial Intelligence

Past event
11 May 2021, 14:30 - 15:30 UTC +02:00

Organised together with Omina Technologies

Artificial intelligence is used to automate harmless decisions such as recommending the right movie. More recently, companies and the government also use artificial intelligence to automate high-stake decisions such as rehabilitation and prison sentence decisions, legal decisions, etc. As a result, ethical artificial intelligence emerged. Ethical AI aims to make fair decisions that respect ethical values. Ethical AI is part of trustworthy AI. Trustworthy AI includes, besides ethical AI, human agency and oversight, technical robustness and safety, privacy and data governance, transparency, societal and environment well-being and accountability. In this talk, you will familiarize yourself with ethical and trustworthy AI. You will also learn how to control AI risks by implementing technical preventive measures and AI governance. 

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Webinar series: Artificial Intelligence - full programme:

You may have heard about artificial intelligence. But you are not sure what the ethical and legal issues are, let alone you know how to address these challenges in practice. Then our series of webinars is exactly what you need.

  • Session II:  "What is ethical and trustworthy Artificial Intelligence? How to mitigate the AI risks?"
    Tuesday 11 May 2021 – 02.30 – 03.30 PM 
  • 11 May


Portrait of
Martin Canter
Head of Ethical AI | Omina Technologies
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Anita Prinzie
Product and Marketing Manager | Omina Technologies