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Dispute Resolution

Delivering Results through experience

We provide our clients with preventative advice on procedural matters in the context of existing legal relationships or when the first strains begin to show. We analyse risks and seek solutions that are constructive and cost-efficient. If required, we conduct a detailed in-depth analysis of the situation and legal position in order to maximise your advantages ahead of negotiations or an emerging dispute.

Where appropriate, we proactively consider precautionary measures and submit the relevant applications, or take defensive measures. In court, we vigorously represent your interests. In doing so, we align our strategy and tactics at all times with the objectives discussed and agreed with you.

Lastly, we look after your interests after litigation, in enforcement proceedings and in recognising and enforcing foreign judgments and arbitral awards.

The size and skills of our litigation practice enable us to put together the right team for eachcase. Accordingly, we pursue your interests efficiently, deliver high-quality service and provide the required experience. This commitment and focus applies equally to demanding large-scale cases and smaller, less complex disputes.

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Dispute Resolution
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Portrait of Philipp J. Dickenmann
Philipp J. Dickenmann, LL.M.
Portrait of Jodok Wicki
Dr Jodok Wicki