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CMS Hasche Sigle and Deutsche Börse AG launch Study Corporate Governance in China


Frankfurt/Main – The "China-Europe Private Equity Roundtable" - a think tank network of European and Chinese investors in the Private Equity market in China managed by CMS Hasche Sigle and Deutsche Börse AG – launched their third white paper study today titled "Corporate Governance matters - The role and perspective of the private equity industry in China".

The study which is based on fact gathering and (several) interviews conducted with European and Chinese private equity fund managers invested in Chinese Private sector businesses as well as with institutional investors based in China and Europe. Volker Potthoff from CMS Hasche Sigle comments: "Internationally accepted principles of corporate governance starting to play a bigger role in China as international investors will more and more require adherence to these standards ". The paper highlights the significance of a well-balanced corporate governance scheme for the future success of the companies invested in as well as for the private equity managers with respect to their investment returns, their ability to raise new money and to differentiate themselves from competitors.

The PE/VC industry in China is facing a more challenging environment. Fund raising of the PE/VC market has declined to 7.8 billion US-Dollar (first six month of 2013 = H1 13) from 18.5 billion US-Dollar in H1 12 and 16.2 billion US-Dollar H2 12. The fundraising of US-Dollar funds, i.e. capital that is invested from abroad, was particularly negatively affected. Over the same time period the number of investment deals shrank from 941 to 516 and the number of PE/VC-backed IPOs (Initial Public Offer) from 174 to just 13!

However with dry powder (investable capital) of 116 billion US-Dollar (PE funds, H1, 13) and 50.3 billion US-Dollar (VC funds, H1, 13) the industry plays an important role in financing the private sector economy in China as well as for the Chinese financial markets and their future development.

As a result of the slowing Chinese Economy, of closed IPO exit channels and of the increasing competition in many sectors of the economy, the quality of investments becomes more important. "The times where Chinese companies could be brought to the public markets with high multiples due to the China growth phantasy are definitely over", says Alexander von Preysing, Head of Issuer Services at Deutsche Börse AG. Fund Managers which want to differentiate themselves see the adherence to stringent Corporate governance as a key topic to add value during their investment cycle. Many fund managers would welcome a more rigorous approach by their investors (LPs, Limited Partners) to implement international Corporate Governance standards. "It is still a long way to go but Chinese entrepreneurs will sooner or later understand that the rules of the capital markets have unavoidably to be complied with", emphasizes Volker Potthoff from CMS Hasche Sigle.

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