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Eva Ceca

Eva Ceca

Senior Associate

CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo
Paseo de Recoletos 7–9
28004 Madrid

Eva Ceca is a Senior Associate of the Employment and Pensions department at CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo. She specialises in employment and Social Security law, with experience in ongoing labour advice, legal proceedings, collective dismissals, substantial modifications of working conditions and collective negotiation.

Her career has focused on providing legal advice to domestic and international enterprises on various employment-related matters such as the recruitment of employees and senior executives, restructuring processes, corporate policies and ethics codes, variable remuneration plans, employee relocation, objective and disciplinary dismissals, national and cross-border transfers of undertakings, outsourcing, trade unions, social security and occupational risk prevention.

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Relevant experience

  • Eva has advised sector-leading companies on a wide variety of matters, including Haitong Bank on its global restructuring programme affecting over 50% of its Spain-based employees, Savills on the employment-related implications of the acquisition of consultancy firm Aguirre Newman and ongoing legal advice, and Siemens Gamesa on coordinating its global restructuring across six jurisdictions and the execution of mass redundancy procedures and termination measures in Spain.
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  • 2010 - Graduate of Law and Business Administration and Management, Universidad Pontificia Comillas ICADE, Madrid (Spain).
  • 2009 - EPSCI Programme, ESSEC Business School, Paris (France). 
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19 January 2020
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27 May 2019
Em­ploy­ment And Pen­sions Alert | April-May 2019
Case law up­dates “De Diego Por­ras” case reaches its con­clu­sion: no en­ti­tle­ment to com­pens­a­tion upon ter­min­a­tion of a re­lief con­tract Com­pan­ies are not li­able for ac­ci­dents when an em­ploy­ee breaches...
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CMS ad­vised Chinese group Sino­chem on the ac­quis­i­tion of Spain-based Elix Poly­mers for an en­ter­prise value of EUR195 mil­lion. Chem­ic­al con­glom­er­ate Sino­chem has an­nounced the pur­chase of Elix Poly­mers...
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Em­ploy­ment And Pen­sions | News­let­ter | June 2018
Case law up­dates The CJEU has cla­ri­fied its view on the Diego Por­ras case: European law must be in­ter­preted as not pre­clud­ing na­tion­al le­gis­la­tion which does not provide for any com­pens­a­tion on ex­piry...
30 April 2018
CMS Guide to La­bour Law in Cent­ral East­ern Europe
CMS Em­ploy­ment Prac­tice Area Group is de­lighted to present the new edi­tion of the guide cov­er­ing main as­pects of the la­bour law in four­teen jur­is­dic­tions in the Cent­ral East­ern Europe (CEE).The CEE has...
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Case law up­dates Vi­ol­a­tion of the right to pri­vacy for ob­tain­ing im­ages from a hid­den cam­era Ex­ist­ence of in­dir­ect dis­crim­in­a­tion in ob­ject­ive dis­missals due to ab­sences A dis­missal is de­clared null...
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Case law up­dates The La­bour and So­cial Se­cur­ity In­spect­or­ate has amended its cri­ter­ia re­lat­ing to the re­cord­ing of the work­ing dayThe re­quest for com­pens­a­tion due to un­fair com­pet­i­tion falls un­der the...