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Domain names

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Since a company's digital migration is now taken for granted, along with trademarks, domain names now constitute key elements of visibility and development. Although the frequency of domain name reservation is constantly increasing, the strategic and economic impact of these new intangible assets is still largely underestimated. However they are already giving rise to major disputes in line with the increase in cybersquatting (abusive domain name registration). Their acquisition, management and protection are governed by strict procedures likely to require the use of specific dispute resolution procedures. Given the challenges, cutting-edge support is required for all of these issues.

Our high level of expertise in trademark law combined with our in-depth experience in new technologies law enables us to advise and assist you effectively in the following areas: availability research, identification of precedents and analysis of risk in relation to third-party rights, acquisition of rights, legal advice and monitoring of procedures, assistance with pre-litigation and litigation. Our resolutely pragmatic approach, closely tailored to your needs, is based on prevention and favours alternative means of dispute resolution.