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Ecological Transition

Discover our multidisciplinary and global offer designed for the long term

Environmental issues have become increasingly important over the last thirty years. Yet the signing of the Paris Agreements in 2015 marked a break with the past. It has reflected a shift in thinking in favour of a global ecological transition, taking into account global issues and the needs of future generations.

These issues, which have become universal, cross-cutting and a priority, are stakes for the vast majority of our firm’s clients: reinvention of the energy model, development of renewable energy sources, transformation of industrial tools, massive renovation plans for service sector buildings, development of the circular economy, rise of green finance, frustrated birth of ecological taxation, switch from all-oil transport to clean mobility, etc. No economic sector is immune from these upheavals and the demands of social and environmental responsibility are creating a form of urgency where the pressure did not use to appear to be so strong.

Our firm, a player in this transition, has recognised multidisciplinary expertise, which enables it to understand the issues and to serve the objectives pursued by its clients in this demanding context.

Supporting you at every stage of your issues in relation to ecological transition

Our lawyers who specialise in ecological transition can support you on the following aspects and offer you relevant and innovative solutions, adapted to your ambitions and to your constraints: Energy, Environment, Green financing and sustainable investments, Environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG), CSR and extra-financial reporting, Corporate law and ethical CSR, Public law, Customs and competition, Taxation, Project finance, State aid, Property.

Sustainable development, the transition to a new economic and social model, the evolution of our forms of producing, consuming and working and living together are at the heart of our commitments. True to the firm’s culture, our lawyers are there to support you over the long term, to help you adapt to the policies, regulations and requirements of your partners and clients, in France and internationally, at the service of your projects and your organisations.


In order to help you conduct your projects successfully, the following teams are at your disposal:

Adapted to all of your needs;

Supported by doctrine teams and cutting-edge knowledge managers;

Working in collaboration with referring institutions, financial institutions and consultancy firms, etc.;

International, thanks to the presence of the 4,800 lawyers of the CMS network, spread over more than 70 offices around the world.


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