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Anti-Wastage and Circular Economy Law

Preparing for the demands of the Anti-wastage and circular economy law


Law no. 2020-105 of 10 February 2020 on combating wastage and on the circular economy (hereinafter "Anti-Wastage & Circular Economy Law"), which was one of the legislative priorities for 2019/2020, should revolutionise certain production and consumption habits.

The objective of the legislation is ambitious: to break with the model of the linear economy (extract, manufacture, consume, throw away) and adopt a “circular” economic model based on the eco-design of products, responsible consumption, the extension of shelf life and recycling of products and waste.

This environmental aim will result in a significant number of new constraints for companies, inevitably accompanied by various sanctions, which will mainly be administrative fines.

Below, we present the main measures of the new scheme which should impact most business sectors.

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New obligations to inform consumers
The Anti-Wastage & Circular Economy Law imposes on companies numerous new obligations intended to better inform consumers about the environmental characteristics of products, their recyclability as well as their repairability.

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Measures relating to wastage in the Anti-Wastage & Circular Economy Law
The Anti-Wastage & Circular Economy Law complements the existing measures in the combat against food wastage and introduces new ones for non-food products.
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Reinforcement and extension of the extended producer responsibility
The Anti-Wastage & Circular Economy Law lays down several important principles on the manufacture, holding, sale or provision of waste-generating products.
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Measures relating to waste in the Anti-Wastage & Circular Economy Law
The Anti-Wastage & Circular Economy Law reinforces waste management obligations and combats illegal dumping of waste. 
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Combating plastic: what the Anti-Wastage & Circular Economy Law says
The Anti-Wastage & Circular Economy Law sets the objective of ending putting single-use plastic packaging on the French market by 2040.

While most of them are immediately applicable, the entry into force of others will be subject to the publication of a decree or postponed in order to give economic stakeholders a reasonable transition period.

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