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Situation report

GDPR compliance: our law firm offers a qualified audit service

Whether you are a data controller or an outsourcer, you are required to be able to prove, at any given time, your compliance with the new GDPR.

Map your processing

You should document your data protection responsibilities as regards both their extent and the duration of the processing:

  • list all inflows and databases that you process yourself;
  • pinpoint all outsourcers involved in the processing of your data;
  • catalogue all outflows towards your recipients;
  • identify all data transfers outside the European Union, noting the location of your providers and recipients.

Our law firm offers a qualified audit service : our team of specialist lawyers can produce a comprehensive map of your data processing and gather all necessary information in situ.

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Verify the integrity and security of the data

We can help you produce questionnaires and gather all information needed to manage the operational and technological risks of your business, in order to identify any security flaws that could infringe upon the freedoms of your data subjects.

Review your compliance

We work by your side to review all your contracts and data collection forms, offering a results analysis service and recommendations for greater compliance.

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GDPR: our lawyers support your business

The New Technologies/Intellectual Property team of our law firm will help you throughout the process of adapting your business to GDPR obligations and identifying your needs as a result.

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