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Cleantech 'Revolution': Transforming Our Economies


This new report concludes that clean technology ('Cleantech') is on the cusp of transforming practically every business sector, and those who fail to face the challenge and indeed turn this into an opportunity, risk falling by the wayside.Cleantech, the Impact on Key Sectors in Europe was commissioned by CMS from independent consultants Oxford Analytica. The report finds that the economic downturn has not derailed the development of Cleantech, only temporarily shifting its focus toward public policy issues and that Cleantech provides a necessary future-proofing of the leading economies beyond the financial crisis.

In particular, the report examines the way Cleantech will develop in four key sectors each of which are on the front-line of today’s issues, namely (1) damage to the planet, including climate change, (2) energy security, (3) commodities, food and water security and
(4) huge population growth and increased longevity.
The four sectors covered in this report are:

  • Personal and Freight Transport
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Agrichemicals and Water Management
  • Waste Management

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