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CMS advises Aenova on merger with Haupt Pharma


Stuttgart – The Aenova Group signed an agreement with the owners of Haupt Pharma Group in mid-October to acquire a majority of the the group. Aenova is a significant player in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector. Haupt Pharma AG specialises in development and con-tract manufacturing for the pharmaceutical industry. By acquiring Haupt Pharma, the Aenova Group has gained a partner with which it can expand its portfolio strategically. The transaction is currently awaiting approval from the competition authorities.

An international team led by Hamburg-based M&A partner Dr Jacob Siebert advised Aenova and majority shareholder BC Partners on all aspects of the due diligence and contract negotia-tions. CMS Hasche Sigle was supported by CMS law firms in Italy, France, Switzerland, Aus-tria and Luxembourg and by World Law Group partner firm City-Yuwa Partners.

BC Partners acquired the Aenova Group in September 2012 from the previous owners, Bridgepoint, adding the Temmler Group shortly afterwards. Almost a year after its successful acquisition of the Temmler Group, annual sales of the Aenova Group rose on completion by around 60% to more than EUR 750 million. A team including Dr Udo Simmat, Dr Tobias Schneider and Dr Jacob Siebert also advised on all aspects of these previous transactions

  • CMS Hasche Sigle
    Dr Udo Simmat, M&A/Private Equity
    Dr Jacob Siebert, Lead Partner, M&A/Private Equity
    Johannes Braun, M&A/Due Diligence
    Dr Nils Maack, M&A
    Stefan Lüft, Pharma
    Dr Jakob Steiff, Regulatory
    Dr Eva-Maria Burkard, Regulatory
    Beate Engin, Regulatory
    Dr Antje-Kathrin Uhl, Employment
    Dr Tobias Polloczek, Employment/Pensions
    Dr Jan Dombrowski, IP
    Bernhard Freund, IT
    Dr Marc Seibold, Finance
    Dr Andreas Grunert, Finance
    Dr Andreas Heim, Commercial
    Dr Stefan Voss, Real Estate
    Dr Harald Kahlenberg, Competition
    Dr Hannes Schwinn, Competition
    Dr Olaf Thießen, M&A/Tax
  • CMS Adonnino Ascoli & Cavasola Scamoni (Milan/Rome)
    Pietro Cavasola, M&A, Corporate
    Serena Carroli, Due Diligence
  • CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre (Paris)
    Anne-Laure Villedieu, Regulatory/Pharma
    Jacques Isnard, Corporate/M&A
    Maité Ollivier, Employment
  • CMS von Erlach Henrici (Zurich)
    Dr Kaspar Landolt, Finance
  • CMS DeBacker Luxembourg
    Vivian Walry, Finance
  • CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz (Vienna)
    Bernt Elsner, Competition
  • City-Yuwa Partners (Tokyo)
    Mikio Tanaka, Corporate/Due Diligence
    Akira Nagasaki, Corporate/Due Diligence

For further information, please contact:

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CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre
Florence Jouffroy, Directeur du Marketing et de la Communication
Laetitia Mostowski, Responsable Communication externe
[email protected]
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+33 1 47 38 40 32 / 40 74

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