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CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre advised L'Oréal on the sale of Sanoflore’s plant to Fareva


The L’Oréal Group sold Sanoflore’s plant, which specialises in bio cosmetic, aromatherapy and herbal medicine products, to Favera, which specialises in household, industrial, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food products.

This sale enabled the leading global beauty brand, which maintained the Sanaflore brand and the plant’s R&D unit, to focus on research, global brand development and marketing activities.

The family group from the Ardeche region employs more than 5,000 people and generated €723 million in turnover in 2009. It is consequently consolidating its position in the field of bio products by forming a subsidiary called Fareva Biofield, which is taking over the plant’s operations located in Gigors-et-Lozeron in the Drôme area including its 60 employees. At the end of the first year, the group’s objective is to produce 2.5 million units and generate €7 million in turnover.

The teams at CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre advised L’Oréal on legal and tax matters relating to this transaction. Philippe Rosenpick, Partner, Jean-Robert Bousquet and Jean-Charles Daguin, Lawyers, provided advice on corporate aspects, Gérard Kling, Partner, on contract law, Dimitri Leboff, Lawyer, on taxation, and finally, Raphaël Bordier, Partner, on employment law issues.

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