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CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre, De Pardieu Brocas Maffei et Gide advise Nexity on the purchase of the Edouard Denis Property Development Group


CMS was tax advisor to Edouard Denis in his sale to Nexity and its financial partner, MBO Capital, of 55% of the Edouard Denis property development group, which he founded and directs. Edouard Denis retains the remaining shares in the group.
De Pardieu, Brocas Maffei was the corporate advisor to Edouard Denis and MBO Capital in the deal.

Gide advised the Nexity group.

The Edouard Denis group was founded in 1996. It began operations in the high-end property market at Le Touquet-Paris-Plage before gradually expanding to become a leading general developer. Its multi-region strategy has made it a major player in the property markets in Ile-de-France, Lille, Normandy, Loire-Atlantique, the Lyon region and Marseilles and its surroundings.

In 2015 the group obtained 1,676 reservations and had turnover of around €180 million. Residentially, it aims to develop over one thousand homes a year.

The deal enables Nexity to continue its expansion in the residential property sector.

Edouard Denis will continue to head and manage the Edouard Denis group under its own brand.

The CMS team advising Edouard Denis, the founder and director of the group of the same name, in this deal was:

  • tax: Luc Jaillais (partner), Jean-Charles Benois (counsel) and Laure Hamard;
  • company law: Alexandre Delhaye (partner) and Romain Boyet.

Other advisors:

  • to Edouard Denis and MBO Capital: De Pardieu Brocas Maffei (corporate - Jean-François Pourdieu (partner), Matthieu Candia and Alexandre Bankowski; and tax - Emmanuel Chauve (partner) and Sébastien Journé)
  • to Natixis Partners (financial - Erwan Thébault and Jean-Baptiste Marchand)
  • to Nexity: Gide (legal: Frédéric Nouel and Didier Martin (partners), Régis Henry and Aurore du Marais).

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