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CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre Lyon associates take part in the race organised by Courir POUR ELLES

17 May 2017

CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre Lyon associates took part in the race held on Sunday, 14 May 2017, organised by the Courir POUR ELLES association

Known for the expertise it provides to the non-profit sector, CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre Lyon has been creatively involved for some years with the Courir POUR ELLES association, through a skills-based sponsorship arrangement and by taking part in the race in Parilly Park.

The Courir POUR ELLES association, established in Lyons, was created in 2010 to help women to avoid and combat cancer by promoting physical activity before, during and after cancer. It helps fund supportive care for women suffering from cancer. (http://www.courirpourelles.com/)

Getting involved in the economic life of our region is a priority!

This skills-based sponsorship arrangement is in line with our policy of corporate social responsibility vis-à-vis local communities. It is supported by our culture and desire to communicate and share ways of achieving excellence”, explains François Coutard, the firm’s Executive Chairman.
The Lyons-based firm, which comprises some 140 lawyers and professionals specialising in company law advice and litigation, provides its legal and tax expertise to non-profit structures.

In 2016, Courir POUR ELLES paid out EUR 200,000 to associations involved in combating cancer. Last Sunday, at the 8th event of this kind, some 16,000 people took to the tracks in Parilly Park to support the association and the cause they believe in.

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François Coutard