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Hungary is a significant commercial centre and one of the developed economies in Central and Eastern Europe. Operating or expanding your business in Hungary and the region can offer significant opportunities. To capitalise on these, and manage your risk, you need lawyers embedded in the local market, who understand Hungary’s existing regulatory regime and the new reforms being implemented, as well as the international environment in which businesses operate.

CMS has been active in Hungary since 1989. As the largest law firm in the country, around 70 tax and legal professionals deliver industry sector specific expertise to help you find solutions to your national and international legal or tax issues.

Our technical specialists are organised according to the industries in which our clients work. With a strong track record in all commercial areas of law, you can access unparalleled and specialist local knowledge combined with international experience and expertise to best fulfill your needs. Many of our lawyers have worked in-house and are familiar with the day-to-day challenges in-house legal departments face.

Speaking Hungarian, English, French and German, you can be assured of doing business in the language you feel comfortable with.

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