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Insurers, reinsurers, and brokers face an increasingly unpredictable world, not least because of tougher capital and risk requirements impacting on your business. So you can be certain to meet these challenges successfully, you need advisors with specialist knowledge of your sector and a detailed understanding of the evolving regulatory framework.

CMS has helped major insurers establish and expand operations in Central and Eastern Europe. We are the market leader in M&A in the sector, offer dedicated regulatory expertise and have extensive experience from distribution of insurance products to defence of class action claims.

With 100 insurance lawyers across 34 countries, we can protect your commercial interests in your home market and across borders. We provide advice based on strong local knowledge delivered on a Europe-wide basis by expert lawyers, many of whom have worked in the sector or for regulatory authorities.

We assist clients on the most complex transactional, advisory and contentious matters. A multi-disciplinary team advises on strategic as well as operational matters, liability and dispute resolution, policy drafting, coverage, regulatory issues, M&A, capital raising and restructurings, HR, tax, real estate and commercial issues.

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High­lights of ex­per­i­ence in In­sur­ance in Hun­gary


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June 2019
CMS in Hun­gary 2019
27 Mar 20
Hun­gary is­sues emer­gency de­cree in re­sponse to pan­dem­ic
As part of the Hun­gary's re­sponse to the COV­ID-19 pan­dem­ic, on 27 March the Hun­gari­an gov­ern­ment is­sued an emer­gency de­cree, which height­ens re­stric­tions, fur­ther lim­its the move­ment of people with­in...
CMS Ex­pert Guide to In­sur­ance
25 Mar 20
New Hun­gari­an law de­tails stat­utory pay­ment morator­i­um
In a fur­ther aid meas­ure is­sued in re­sponse to the COV­ID-19 crisis, Hun­gary just passed a new law de­tail­ing the stat­utory pay­ment morator­i­um for ex­ist­ing loan agree­ments that has been in place in Hun­gary...
9 October 2017
CMS Bud­apest strengthens its In­sur­ance prac­tice with...
23 Mar 20
Hun­gary re­laxes cer­tain pub­lic-pro­cure­ment rules dur­ing COV­ID-19 crisis
Ac­cord­ing to Gov­ern­ment  De­cree No. 48/2020 ef­fect­ive from March 20, dir­ect pur­chases from Hun­gari­an sources (not in­clud­ing those from EU sources) that dir­ectly re­late to pro­tec­tion against the coronavir­us...
10 things every in­surer should know about Cent­ral East­ern...
20 Mar 20
The Hun­gari­an Gov­ern­ment's re­sponse to the coronavir­us crisis: state...
Apart from the key health is­sues res­ult­ing from the COV­ID-19 pan­dem­ic, ad­dress­ing the ser­i­ous dis­turb­ance across the EU eco­nomy is be­com­ing in­creas­ingly ur­gent, rais­ing ma­ter­i­al Com­pet­i­tion Law and State...
Risk Mat­ters: In­sur­ance Sec­tor news­let­ter Sum­mer 2014
High­light­ing top­ic­al is­sues for in­sur­ance sec­tor par­ti­cipants
19 Mar 20
Hun­gary: Eco­nom­ic meas­ures passed to tackle the fall out of the coronavir­us...
On 18 March 2020, Hun­gari­an Prime Min­is­ter Vikt­or Or­bán an­nounced the im­ple­ment­a­tion of an eco­nom­ic pack­age con­tain­ing meas­ures to mit­ig­ate the ad­verse im­pact of the coronavir­us out­break on the na­tion's...
10 Things Every In­surer Should Know about West­ern Europe
17 Mar 20
Hun­gary closes bor­ders to non-res­id­ents, can­cels flights, re­stricts...
In a bid to cur­tail the spread of the coronavir­us, the Hun­gari­an gov­ern­ment in­tro­duced strict meas­ures that in­clude clos­ing its bor­ders, can­cel­ling in­ter­na­tion­al flights from high-risk na­tions, ban­ning...