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With 30 years’ experience in Central and Eastern Europe, we are the preferred M&A adviser to corporates and financial institutions, and have topped the deal tables by volume for a number of consecutive years. With domestic experts and English law practitioners on the ground in our across the region, we can mobilise international specialist teams quickly to manage your cross-border transactions.

We add value by thinking and acting beyond our traditional role to secure the competitive edge you need in an ever-changing business environment. Whether a global multinational group or a dynamic domestic business, we can deliver a tailored, commercial, cost effective solution for you, covering areas such as M&A, private equity, equity capital markets, outsourcing, group restructuring and privatisations.

Our cross-border teams include experts in sectors such as banking, consumer products, energy, infrastructure, insurance, life sciences & healthcare, real estate and construction, technology and media. This means we can save time and money by understanding your specific issues, providing advice within context and pinpointing the commercial issues and risks in your transaction.

The Hungarian Corporate and M&A Team is one of the largest dedicated practices in the country. With UK, US and locally qualified lawyers, the team manages numerous cross-border and international transactions in Hungary, CEE/SEE and beyond. CMS Hungary connects you to the know-how of more than 700 corporate lawyers in 42 countries worldwide.

Sources applaud the lawyers' efficient approach: "They are very accurate, precise and helpful."

Chambers 2019

"Received an unparalleled and excellent service," with the firm particularly impressing in terms of "diligence and efficiency."

Chambers, 2018
High­lights of ex­per­i­ence in Cor­por­ate/M&A in Hun­gary
China CEE-Fund and CEE Equity Part­ners on a EUR 200 mil­lion ac­quis­i­tion of 99.9% of Mag­yar Tele­com B.V.’s hold­ings in the In­vi­tel Group by way of a sec­ond­ary buy-out trans­ac­tion and on a EUR 140 mil­lion...


CMS European M&A Study 2023
The CMS Cor­por­ate/M&A Group is pleased to launch the 15th edi­tion of the European M&A Study
Emer­ging Europe M&A Re­port 2022/2023
The year 2022 star­ted with vari­ous chal­lenges, in­clud­ing rising in­fla­tion and en­ergy prices. Then the Rus­si­an in­va­sion of Ukraine ad­ded yet an­oth­er one. Non­ethe­less, the M&A mar­ket in emer­ging European coun­tries proved to be ex­tremely re­si­li­ent. The re­gion saw M&A activ­ity main­tain a steady pace, though deal val­ues were not­ably lower. Also, vari­ations could be ob­served across ter­rit­or­ies and sec­tors. While 2022 brought a unique set of chal­lenges, deal­mak­ing largely com­pared fa­vour­ably to pre-pan­dem­ic levels.Wel­come to the 2022/23 edi­tion of the Emer­ging Europe re­port.
CMS ad­vises 4iG on ac­quis­i­tion of Voda­fone Hun­gary
Sig­ni­fic­ant trans­ac­tion sees 4iG and Corvinus ac­quire Hun­gary’s second largest tele­com­mu­nic­a­tions com­pa­ny­In­ter­na­tion­al law firm CMS has ad­vised 4iG, a key play­er in the in­focom­mu­nic­a­tions mar­ket, on...
Hun­gary amends pub­lic pro­cure­ment rules to en­hance con­trol over the use...
Hun­gary has ad­op­ted sev­er­al im­port­ant le­gis­lat­ive amend­ments as re­medi­al meas­ures un­der Reg­u­la­tion 2020/2092 to en­sure prudent and trans­par­ent use of EU funds, which also af­fect im­port­ant pro­vi­sions of...
Law and reg­u­la­tion of private place­ment of com­mon stock in Hun­gary
1. Pro­spect­us re­quire­ment Of­fer to the pub­lic.Ad­mis­sion of se­cur­it­ies to trad­ing on a reg­u­lated mar­ket. 2. Pro­spect­us ex­emp­tions Key ex­emp­tions Of­fer to the pub­lic­Qual­i­fied In­vestors.Less than 150...
Boom & Gloom? CMS European M&A Out­look 2023
We are pleased to share with you the 2023 edi­tion of the European M&A Out­look pub­lished by CMS in as­so­ci­ation with Mer­ger­mar­ket.
US ter­min­ates double tax-treaty with Hun­gary
On 8 Ju­ly 2022, the U.S. Treas­ury De­part­ment an­nounced the ter­min­a­tion of the double-tax treaty with Hun­gary. The treaty, which scores of US in­vestors called very be­ne­fi­cial, was con­cluded in 1979 and...
Reg­u­la­tion on for­eign sub­sidies is head­ing for the fin­ish line - European...
Since 5 May 2022, EU tri­logue ne­go­ti­ations have been un­der­way on the first Reg­u­la­tion to lim­it the ef­fect of sub­sidies from third coun­tries to com­pan­ies act­ive in the EU. That an agree­ment will be reached...
Hun­gary in­tro­duces ex­tra taxes on bank­ing and in­sur­ance sec­tors
On 4 June 2022, the Hun­gari­an gov­ern­ment ad­op­ted a new gov­ern­ment de­cree in­tro­du­cing sec­tor-spe­cif­ic taxes for com­pan­ies viewed by the gov­ern­ment as gen­er­at­ing "ex­tra profits" in the cur­rent ad­verse eco­nom­ic...
Hun­gary in­tro­duces 65% ex­tra profit tax on re­new­able pro­jects leav­ing KÁT/METÁR...
On 4 June 2022, the Hun­gari­an gov­ern­ment ad­op­ted a new gov­ern­ment de­cree in­tro­du­cing sec­tor-spe­cif­ic taxes to com­pan­ies viewed by the gov­ern­ment as gen­er­at­ing "ex­tra profits" in the cur­rent ad­verse eco­nom­ic...
CMS Next
What’s next? In a world of ever-ac­cel­er­at­ing change, stay­ing ahead of the curve and know­ing what’s next for your busi­ness or sec­tor is es­sen­tial.At CMS, we see ourselves not only as your leg­al ad­visers but also as your busi­ness part­ners. We work to­geth­er with you to not only re­solve cur­rent is­sues but to an­ti­cip­ate fu­ture chal­lenges and in­nov­ate to meet them.With our latest pub­lic­a­tion, CMS Next, our ex­perts will reg­u­larly of­fer you in­sights in­to and fresh per­spect­ives on a range of is­sues that busi­nesses have to deal with – from ESG agen­das to re­struc­tur­ing after the pan­dem­ic or fa­cing the di­git­al trans­form­a­tion. We will also share with you more about the work that we are do­ing for our cli­ents, help­ing them in­nov­ate, grow and mit­ig­ate risk.To be able to provide you with the best sup­port, we im­merse ourselves in your world to un­der­stand your leg­al needs and chal­lenges. However, it is equally im­port­ant that you know who we are and how we can work with you. So, we in­vite you to meet our ex­perts and catch a glimpse of what is hap­pen­ing in­side CMS.En­joy read­ing this pub­lic­a­tion, which we will up­date reg­u­larly with new con­tent.CMS Ex­ec­ut­ive Team
Hun­gary in­tro­duces sec­tor spe­cif­ic taxes to com­pan­ies gen­er­at­ing "ex­tra...
On 25 and 26 May, the re­cently re-elec­ted Hun­gari­an gov­ern­ment an­nounced new sec­tor spe­cif­ic taxes for 2022 and 2023 as a re­sponse to dif­fi­culties caused by the war in Ukraine and the in­creased prices...