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Welcome to our Artificial Intelligence CMS Insights section for Hungary, which provides some hot topics from CMS about artificial intelligence.

AI opportunities and risks

Artificial Intelligence provides opportunities in all areas of human activity, but at the same time poses risks for companies, governments and society as a whole. These opportunities and legal risks present a wide range of ethical, legal and regulatory challenges. The speed and nature of the response to these challenges, will have an impact on the success of AI in increasing prosperity whilst balancing human well-being and economic growth.

CMS - the first choice for all legal services related to AI and technology in Hungary

CMS in Hungary advises companies about the benefits of new technology and how to limit the legal risks. CMS as a future facing law firm is regarded by many companies as their first choice for all legal services within CEE related to AI and legal technology advice.

To find out more about our expertise in Technology, Media & Telecommunications in Hungary and how we can help please visit our dedicated section for TMT - Technology, Media & Telecommunications.


Responsible AI: the here and now of AI
We are delighted to invite you and your colleagues to the next in our Responsible AI series, where we will discuss the latest developments in the EU AI Act and its regulatory framework. The event will...
Fifth Women in AI (Event) - Hungary Workshop
Artificial intelligence has had a significant impact on the strengthening and transformation of industries all over the world. As we go deeper into a digitally altered society, artificial intelligence...
Women in AI - Hungary
AI is now Following its success in the Czech Republic, in May 2021 CMS established the Women in Artificial Intelligence network in Hungary. Our CEE Digital Horizons report confirms that Artificial Intelligence is very much with us: 58% of respondents already use AI solutions and 62% have invested in data analytics. Whether you’re considering 5G and network infrastructure, fighting climate change, improving health care or digitalising education, AI will undoubtedly form part of the solution. With an ever-growing number of women in tech becoming role models for those interested in the industry, we consider it our mission to bring them together. 
Fourth Women in AI – Hungary Workshop
The fourth Women in Artificial Intelligence panel discussion will take place on 3 March 2022 at 16.00 CET. During the fourth workshop, we will bring you a pioneer in AI and spark lively discussions around...
Third Women in AI – Hungary Workshop
The third Women in Artificial Intelligence panel discussion took place on 18 November 2021 at 16.00 CET. In this workshop we have explored further riveting topics including Ethics & AI. Our goal was to...
Artificial Intelligence - New EU regulation and current regulatory developments
This webinar is one of a series of accreditation conferences approved by the Hungarian Bar Association as part of the new compulsory accreditation system in Hungary.  Artificial Intelligence - New EU...
Women in AI
The second Women in AI discussion will be held in-person on 7 September 2021, where we will host leaders from the tech and public sectors, NGOs, as well as academic participants.  At this event, we will...
Women in AI - Hungary
The inaugural online Women in AI - Hungary event was held in June 2021, during which we enjoyed  the introduction of the Czech Women in AI initiative by its leader, Katerina Anna Magnna (Government Affairs...
AI Strategies in Hungary
1. Are there any governmental initiatives in your jurisdiction aimed at introducing legal regulatory framework for AI? If so, please list them. The Hungarian AI Coalition (MI Koalíció) was formally...
The potential use of AI in public procurement processes in CEE - Paper...
The necessity to digitalise and use AI in all business sectors is irrefutable and public procurement is no exception. The more advanced digitalisation is in a public procurement system, the greater the...
The potential use of AI in public procurement processes in CEE
The necessity to digitalise and use AI in all business sectors is irrefutable and pub­lic pro­cure­ment is no exception. The more advanced digitalisation is in a public pro­cure­ment sys­tem, the greater...
Can technology keep the workforce safe?
Many employees who have been working from home or been furloughed throughout the past few months will be anxious about returning to their workplace. The gov­ern­ment’s message to employers is clear:...