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Portrait of Aurélia Viémont

Aurélia Viémont

Partner | Avocat à la Cour

CMS Luxembourg
Rue Goethe 3
L-1637 Luxembourg
Languages French, English

Aurélia is a partner in our Banking & Finance team. She advises clients on regulatory matters involving banks, investments firms, payment institutions, virtual asset service providers and other entities of the financial sector. She notably focuses on markets in financial instruments, payment services, anti-money laundering, internal governance and digital assets topics.

Before joining CMS, Aurélia worked nine years in the Banking & Finance team of a leading Luxembourg law firm.

She has been a member of the Luxembourg bar since 2011.

She is a member of the Luxembourg Bankers‘ Association and participates in various working groups including the Payments Cluster and the Professional Obligations Committee.

She has been published in financial services publications and journals.

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Aurélia Viémont has a deep understanding of insurance-related requirements and provides highly commercial and timely advice.

Legal500 2021

Memberships & Roles

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  • 2009 – Master II in banking and financial law, University of Paris I - Panthéon Sorbonne
  • 2008 – LL.M., University of Reading
  • 2008 – Master II in European laws with a specialisation in Anglo-Saxon law and business law, University of Paris X
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Lux­em­bourg fin­an­cial reg­u­lat­or ad­opts new rules gov­ern­ing out­sourcing ar­range­ments
On 22 April 2022, the Com­mis­sion de Sur­veil­lance du Sec­teur Fin­an­ci­er (the "CSSF") pub­lished a set of doc­u­ments on out­sourcing ar­range­ments (the "OAs"), which (i) de­scribes the rules gov­ern­ing the OAs...
Lux­em­bourg reg­u­lat­or an­nounces new re­quire­ments on cent­ral ad­min­is­tra­tion,...
On 22 April 2022, the CSSF re­leased Cir­cu­lar CSSF 22/807 which up­dates the Cir­cu­lar CSSF 12/552 on cent­ral ad­min­is­tra­tion, in­tern­al gov­ernance and risk man­age­ment in or­der to in­teg­rate sev­er­al EBA guidelines...
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Lux­em­bourg law on in­act­ive ac­counts, in­act­ive safe-de­pos­it boxes and un­claimed...
On 1 April 2022, the new law of 30 March 2022 on in­act­ive ac­counts, in­act­ive safe-de­pos­it boxes and un­claimed life-in­sur­ance con­tracts (the “Law”) was pub­lished. The Law sets out three key meas­ures:...
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Fol­low­ing the pro­mo­tion of a new part­ner, CMS is pleased to an­nounce the pro­mo­tion of two sup­port­ing staff and 18 law­yers across all de­part­ments in­clud­ing Bank­ing & Fin­ance, Cor­por­ate/M&A, Dis­pute Res­ol­u­tion...
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CMS Lux­em­bourg an­nounces new part­ner pro­mo­tion
CMS Lux­em­bourg is pleased to an­nounce the ap­point­ment of Aurélia Vié­mont as Part­ner, ef­fect­ive from 1 March 2022.Aurélia joined CMS in 2019 as coun­sel with the aim of de­vel­op­ing our reg­u­lat­ory prac­tice...
The ESMA provides its ex­pect­a­tions in re­la­tion to firms us­ing tied agents...
On 2 Feb­ru­ary 2022, the ESMA re­leased a Su­per­vis­ory Brief­ing on su­per­vis­ory ex­pect­a­tions in re­la­tion to cred­it in­sti­tu­tions and in­vest­ment firms (the “Firms”) us­ing tied agents in the Mi­FID frame­work...
CMS ad­vises ekonoo on its au­thor­isa­tion as In­vest­ment Firm
ekonoo, Lux­em­bourg first fully di­git­al solu­tions of­fer­ing me­di­um and long term (oc­cu­pa­tion­al, and in­di­vidu­al) in­nov­at­ing sav­ings plan, ob­tains its au­thor­isa­tion as in­vest­ment firm from the CSSF.The Lux­em­bourg...