We have a dedicated team of copyright specialists with particular experience in:

  • Assessing eligibility for copyright protection;
  • Copyright ownership, for example if it is a collective work, a commissioned work, advertising or a work made for hire by your employees;
  • Drafting licensing or copyright transfer agreements;
  • Disputes relating to the existence of copyright and its ownership.

We have an in-depth understanding of the legal instruments available as well as extensive litigation experience.


The re­form of the artist’ re­sale right in the Prin­cip­al­ity of Monaco
The Artist’s Re­sale Right en­titles au­thors of ori­gin­al works of plastic and graph­ic art to a roy­alty each time one of their works is resold.The ARR in Monaco is cur­rently reg­u­lated un­der art­icle 11...
The grounds for in­valid­ity of a trade mark in Monaco
A com­pany es­tab­lished in Singa­pore had re­gistered the trade­mark “MAC­COF­FEE” in the European Uni­on for food and bever­ages to the European Uni­on In­dus­tri­al Pro­pri­ety Of­fice (EUIPO). Mc­Don­ald’s com­pany...