We have a team specialised in trademark law issues.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Prior art search
  • Trademark registration (national and international)
  • Trademark litigation (infringement, invalidity, claims, prohibition of use, etc.)

We have acted before the Monegasque courts on numerous occasions to successfully request the invalidation of a trademark or the prohibition of its use. We also represent our clients in cases relating to unfair competition actions.


Filing for Monegasque trademarks is now possible online!
The beginning of 2023 marks a simplification of the procedures for filing and renewing national trademarks in Monaco: the procedures can now be carried out by electronic means.Im­ple­men­ted in partnership...
The grounds for invalidity of a trade mark in Monaco
A company established in Singapore had registered the trademark “MACCOFFEE” in the European Union for food and beverages to the European Union Industrial Propriety Office (EUIPO). McDonald’s company...