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Immigration and residency

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Because of its unique economic, legal and fiscal environment, the Principality of Monaco offers its residents a secure and pleasant living conditions, which attract many sophisticated individuals ("High Net Worth Individuals" and "Ultra High Net Worth Individuals").

In addition to an extraordinary quality of life, due to an exceptional geographical location, a mild climate and a high level of security, the Principality offers its residents a cosmopolitan and dynamic environment, one of the most advantageous tax regimes in the world, as well as a legal framework favourable to the organisation and management of their assets.

We advise our clients on the following issues:

  • Obtaining a residence permit
  • The administrative, banking and real estate procedures required to obtain a residence permit
  • Acquisition / renouncement of nationality
  • Change of name

We also work with our firm's other departments (specialising in real estate, employment and business law) to provide our clients with a one-stop-shop advice on all their projects in the Principality.


Different administrative steps to become a Monaco resident
Taking the decision to move to Monaco involves a number of administrative formalities. The first step is to obtain an Establishment Visa for Monaco (the D type). Nationals of the European Economic Area...
Circulation document for minors: a multi-purpose solution!
Often underestimated, the circulation document deserves the full attention of foreign residents in the Principality. What is a circulation document? The circulation document is an official document provided...
First residence application in Monaco - step by step
All persons aged 16 or over who wish to become permanent residents in Monaco or to spent over three months at a time in Monaco must apply to the Monegasque authorities for a residence permit (“carte...
New clarifications made by the Monaco Supreme Court on the conditions for...
The Monaco Supreme Court granted, on the 12 July 2022, a resident’s request to annul the decision refusing the renewal of their ordinary residence card. 1.    The minimum period of three-month residency...
Acquisition of Monegasque nationality by marriage: increased to 20 years
After two years of intense debate and an official announcement that it would be tabled on 17 June 2021, the bill on the acquisition of nationality by marriage (No. 1038) was voted on 24 November 2021...
Monegasque residents: what social contributions do you have to pay in France?
Social contributions on capital income are a recurring and particularly thorny question for Monegasque residents, of every nationality. What are the criteria for being subject to social con­tri­bu­tions?To...
Monegasque tax residence certificate: one year later, it's time to take...
The conditions for obtaining a tax residence certificate were specified by Sovereign Ordinance N. 8.372 of November 26th, 2020 amending Sovereign Ordinance N. 8.566. One year later, we propose to take...
During the public legislative session held on June 30, 2021, the members of the National Council enthusiastically passed the bill n°933 recognizing the “children of the country” and their contribution...
Did you know that BREXIT may impact your relocation in MONACO?
Since December 31, 2020, the United Kingdom is not part of the European Union anymore. As a result, as of January 1, 2021, UK nationals (English, Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish) no longer benefit...
The Hague Convention – Child Abduction
Monaco has ratified and acceded to The Hague Convention of October 25th, 1980 on the civil aspects of international Child Abduction but also to The Hague Convention of October 19th, 1996 on jurisdiction...