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Fostering Innovation to meet contemporary challenges

09 July 2018

Monaco is a land of innovation. It is the very essence of development and economic stability in the Principality. For more than 150 years, Monaco has made a series of bold and innovative decisions demonstrating its incredible spirit of enterprise and constant ability to reinvent its economic model. 

Our Partner Stephan Pastor, Fabrice Marquet (MonacoTech Director), Damien Concé (Doctor in Law) and Georges Gambarini (Specialist Consultant for Innovation and Investment Capital), publish in 2018-2019's edition of Banking & Finance Monaco, entitled "Fostering Innovation to meet contemporary challenges ".

Banking & Finance Monaco is an annual review dedicated to banking, financial and insurance activities in the Principality. A mine of information, this publication guarantees the local and international promotion of a long list of professionals in finance, with current news, documents and articles closely related to those involved in the Monegasque financial life, the main editors of this work. 

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