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How to distinguish an informed client from an uninitiated one?

Olivier Marquet , Gautier Barat and Michael Dearden provide an insight into this key point in the article that they have co-authored on this topic:  " Informed client or uninitiated client: legal criteria for distinguishing between the two", published in the Monaco Banking & Finance 2019-2020 review.

" The rapid growth of Private Equity funds responds to clients' needs to invest in more dynamic produits and to diversify their investments. Normally, as profit is closely linked to risk, Private Equity funds are also characterised by risks of loss of capital. When dealing with these types of product, banks and management companies must be extra vigilant and inform investors of risks, or they might fall foul of their contractual obligation to inform and advise on risks."

Access the Monaco Banking & Finance 2019-2020 journal.


Olivier Marquet
Olivier Marquet
Avocat Associé | Managing Partner
The picture of Gautier Barat
Gautier Barat
Senior Associate
The picture of Michael Dearden
Michaël Dearden
Middle Associate