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Greenhouse gas emissions

the Principality’s objectives and certain Monegasque companies subject to new reporting obligations


On 24 December 2020, the Sovereign Order n°8.449 and Ministerial Order n°2020-916 filled the gaps related to the greenhouse gas emission in the Monegasque legal framework, therefore completing the latter[1].

The Sovereign Order n°8.449 sets the Principality’s objectives for 2030. The Monegasque State is officially committed to reducing direct greenhouse gas emissions on its territory by 55% in 2030 compared to the emissions of the year 1990, and to achieving carbon neutrality in 2050[2].

In this respect, the Principality is in line with the European Union which, on 11 December 2020, ratified identical objectives.

The Ministerial Order n°2020-916 requires for certain defined legal entities to provide the Environmental Department with information on the use of certain products specific to their industry.

These reporting obligations particularly concern painting and carpentry companies, health care institutions and even car dealerships.

The Environmental Department has extensive powers to ask these companies to complete or justify any element of the declaration, and, if necessary, to carry out checks and verifications.

In the event of inaccurate declarations, lack of justification or failure to declare, the fine incurred ranges from 18,000 to 90,000 euros.

[1] The emission of greenhouse gases is governed by Articles L110-1 to L110-3 and L220-1 to L220-3 of the Environmental Code

[2] This objective is codified in a new Article O.210-1 of the Environmental Code


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