EU Competition Law Briefings 2024
The EU Competition Law Briefings have been created to provide a platform for our clients and other competition law experts to stay up to date on the developments of EU Competition Law. Every month CMS competition experts will present a recent case by the EU Commission or Community Courts during a webinar.
Renewable energy in the Netherlands
1. Introduction Since 2017, the Netherlands has taken many steps towards realising the objectives as set out in the 2015 Paris Climate Change Conference. In October 2017, the Dutch government presented...
CMS Insurance - Hoge Raad Alert: Februari 2024
De Hoge Raad der Nederlanden (Hoge Raad) is de hoogste rechter in Nederland in civiele zaken, strafzaken en belastingzaken. Dat betekent dat de Hoge Raad beoordeelt of een lagere rechter (recht­bank/gerecht­shof) bij een uitspraak het recht juist heeft toegepast en of de procedure juist is gevolgd. De arresten die de Hoge Raad wijst hebben veelal dan ook een grote impact op de juridische praktijk.In de CMS Insurance – Hoge Raad Alert signaleren wij alle voor de verzeker­ing­s­rechtelijke praktijk relevante arresten. Dit doen wij door middel van een korte situ­atiebes­chrijv­ing, de beslissing die de Hoge Raad hierin heeft genomen en een link naar de uitspraak zelf. Hiermee bent u altijd up-to-date en bij vragen kunt u gerust contact opnemen met onze advocaten.
CMS’ international capabilities recognised in Chambers Global 2024
As international and full-service law firm, we are proud that many of our practice areas haven been recognised in the Chambers Global Legal Guide 2024. These rankings and especially the testimonials given...
Real estate finance law in Netherlands
A. Mortgages 1. Can security be granted to a foreign lender? Yes, a mortgage can be granted to a foreign lender. 2. Can lenders take a mortgage over land and buildings on the land? Yes, lenders can...
Crypto Tax Legislation & Law in the Netherlands
1. Is there a specific legislation issued for the taxation of crypto-assets or do general national tax law principles apply because the tax legislator has not regulated this so far? In the Netherlands...
The EU Parliament and Council reached an agreement on ESG rating
On 5 February 2024, the European Parliament (the Parliament) and the Council of the European Union (the Council) reached a provisional agreement on the EU Commission's proposal from June 2023 for a regulation...
EU legislative initiatives on recovery and resolution planning for insurance...
With the compromise proposal for an Insurance Recovery and Resolution Directive (IRRD) published by the EU Council in January 2024, EU legislative initiatives to establish a recovery and resolution framework...
Popular investment vehicles in the Netherlands
Updated on May 2022 Investment vehicle Fonds voor gemene rekening (FGR)Com­man­ditaire vennootschap (CV)Fiscale be­leg­gings-in­stelling (FBI) 1. Form Fonds voor gemene rekening (FGR) Contractual Commanditaire...
ESMA reports on impact-washing concerns around funds focused on the United...
IntroductionOn 1 February 2024, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) published an article on the efficiency of funds focused on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)...
CMS assists Gelderburg B.V. and STAK BHCA with the sale of BHCA B.V.
CMS has assisted Gelderburg B.V. and Stichting Ad­min­is­tratiekan­toor BHCA with the sale of BHCA B.V. to IG&H Holding B.V. BHCA B.V. provides ICT-management, consulting and secondment services and is a...
CMS Expert Guide to Crypto Regulation in The Netherlands
Disclaimer: This chapter was last updated on 8 September 2023 and does not reflect any subsequent developments. The information provided is intended for general informational purposes and should not be...