ADR is a method of solving conflicts that differs from the courts, arbitration or a binding opinion. Instead of third parties, the parties themselves in fact solve their problems. This allows a relationship to be saved or to be ended in a way that is satisfactory to the parties involved. Mediation takes less time, is cheaper and is less stressful compared to the more traditional method of settling conflicts.

The lawyers at CMS are trained in negotiation techniques with the aim of achieving an amicable settlement. They can provide you with the best possible advice on the form of conflict solution to be chosen. If you decide on mediation, they are the ideal coach and will give you expert assistance.

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Picture of Peter Soede
Peter Soede
Netherlands, Utrecht
Peter Soede graduated with distinction from Utrecht University in 1988. After working for a year in the Netherlands Antilles (St. Maarten), he joined CMS.​Peter is a partner of the Litigation & Insurance...
Remko van Baarlen
Netherlands, Utrecht
Remko van Baarlen is a member of the Litigation & Insurance practice group of our firm.He is active in liability, insurance and transport law. Remko advises international corporations and focusses on...
Picture of Guilaume Creijghton
Guillaume Creijghton
Netherlands, Utrecht
Guillaume Creijghton is an advocaat in our Litigation and Insurance Practice Group. He specialises in advising and litigating on matters relating to (international) trade and insurance law.​Guillaume...