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Cecilia van der Weijden


Atrium - Parnassusweg 737
1077 DG Amsterdam
PO Box 94700
1090 GS Amsterdam
Languages Dutch, Italian, English, German, Chinese

Cecilia van der Weijden is a partner in our Corporate/M&A Practice Group and heads the Dutch energy & climate change team at CMS. She has a strong focus on the energy industry. For more than fifteen years she has been dedicated to advising the energy sector on a wide variety of corporate and regulatory issues, including mergers and acquisitions and the development and project financing of (renewable) energy projects. As a transactional lawyer, she got acquainted with the energy sector in the late ‘90s, when a wave of mergers and acquisitions took place in the Dutch energy sector. She then expanded her practice to advice on conventional and renewable energy projects and now has a strong focus on renewable energy (on and offshore wind, solar, biomass and biogas projects). ​

​Cecilia has advised on a number of pathfinder projects, such as the development the first Dutch offshore wind park (OWEZ), the participation of launching customers in the GATE LNG Terminal, the successful participation of DONG Energy in the first Dutch offshore wind tender, the acquisition, development and project financing of the largest solar PV park and the conclusion of two large corporate PPAs by global tech companies. She frequently publishes articles on developments in the energy sector and is editor of the CMS Guide for offshore wind in North West Europe.

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Stands out due to her in-depth knowledge, her professionalism and her exquisite communication and language skills.

The Legal 500 EMEA, 2021

Very practical and can close a deal in a shorter time than you expect.

The Legal 500 EMEA, 2021

A strong energy lawyer," according to interviewees.

Chambers Europe 2021

Global Leader - Energy

Who’s Who Legal, 2020

‘Cecilia van der Weijden is a smart, capable, and considerate M&A lawyer. She knows how to navigate negotiations and eloquently control winning positions. Her management of due diligence processes and promptly staying on top of deal topics demonstrates her decade plus of experience in the Dutch market. She is available for adhoc discussions and provides relevant negotiation tactics. She knows how to trouble shoot if/when issues present themselves.‘

The Legal 500 EMEA, 2020

Recognised for her experience handling M&A and investments into energy projects, particularly the renewable sector.

Chambers Europe, 2020

She addresses client concerns immediately and stays informed on all topics”, adding: "She knows how to see deals through and doesn't waste time.

Chambers Europe, 2020

Relevant experience

  • Advised Partners Group on the acquisition of a substantial interest in the ProjectCo owning the project rights for Dutch offshore windpark Borssele III/IV (Sellers: Shell, MVOW and Eneco).
  • Advised WIRCON GmbH on the acquisition, development and project financing of the (at the time) largest solar park in the Netherlands, SunPort Delfzijl.
  • Advised Ørsted on the first and second offshore wind tender organised by the Dutch government regarding the Borssele wind area.
  • Advised Microsoft on a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Vattenfall to source ITS Dutch datacenters with wind energy from new to be built windpark Wieringermeer.
  • Advised Tesla on its contracts for engineering, procurement and construction of the Powerpack (battery for industrial use) and the Powerwall (battery for consumer use) and any related registrations and permitting and consent requirements in the Netherlands.
  • Advised German windturbine manufacturer ENERCON GmbH on the acquisition of Dutch turbine supplier Lagerwey.
  • Advised a global tech company (confidential) on a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with ENECO to source its Dutch facilities with renewable energy.
  • Advised national and international solar PV developers and investors (confidential) on the SDE+ subsidy and on several project agreements for solar PV plants in the Netherlands, including PPAs, grid connection agreements and agreements to secure property rights.
  • Advised Low Carbon on a development service agreement with a Dutch party for the development and operation of solar PV plant and rooftop projects in the Netherlands.
  • Advised PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH and its shareholders (European TSOs) on regulatory implications of the development of new services on its trading platform.
  • Advised Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) on an agreement with Fudura for metering of electricity, gas and heat and administrative services. 
  • Advised EPEX SPOT SE, EEG AG and Powernext SA on the merger with APX Group and the integration of their businesses to form a power exchange for Central Western Europe and the UK.
  • Advised Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Ltd. (CKI) on the acquisition of waste-to -energy company AVR (EUR 943.7 million). 
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  • International Relations (int. economy and law), Johns Hopkins University, USA
  • Dutch Law (Commercial and Private Law), University of Amsterdam
  • Chinese Language, Xiamen University, China
  • Sinology, Leiden University
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