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CMS advises ENERCON with its acquisition of Lagerwey


At the beginning of 2018, ENERCON acquired the Dutch wind turbine manufacturer Lagerwey B.V. With this strategic investment ENERCON strengthens its portfolio in onshore wind turbines in all wind classes.

An international CMS-team, led by Cecilia van der Weijden, comprehensively advised ENERCON with the due diligence of the Lagerwey Group. This included an assessment of the business activities of the Lagerwey Group with a Russian joint venture partner. In addition, the CMS-team advised ENERCON on the negotiations and completion of the strategic partnership, as well as on its enforcement.

ENERCON is a leading international wind turbine manufacturer based in Aurich, Germany. The company was founded in 1984 and operates in more than 30 countries. As technology and quality leader, ENERCON is known for its innovative gearless drive concept and for having the most extensive patent portfolio in the industry. In addition, ENERCON is a system supplier for renewable energies and supports its customers in overcoming the energy challenges of the future. ENERCON has installed over 28,000 wind energy converters to date, with a combined power generation capacity of more than 47 gigawatts.

Lagerwey is a Dutch designer and manufacturer of direct drive wind turbines. Lagerwey stands for quality and simplicity and aims to further reduce the cost of wind energy. The company has been delivering sustainable wind energy since 1979.

CMS Netherlands
Cecilia van der Weijden, Leading Partner
Maurits Rabbie, Junior Associate, Company Law and Energy Law
Christian Delgado, Senior Associate
Patrick Chung, Junior Associate, Company Law
Roderick Nieuwmeyer, Senior Associate, Competition Law
Petra de Rooy, Senior Associate, Real Estate
Paulus van den Bos, Of Counsel, Pensions
Rogier de Vrey, Senior Associate, Intellectual Property
Jenny Noordermeer, Associate, Banking & Finance
Martijn van der Bie, Partner, Civil Law Notary
Elisabeth Anne von Meijenfeldt, Associate, Deputy Civil Law Notary

CMS Germany
Dr. Niklas Ganssauge, Leading Partner, Energy Law
John Hammond, Partner
Pia Klages, Associate, Company Law

CMS Russia
Natalia Kozyrenko, Partner
Anastasia Makarova, Senior Associate, Company Law and Energy Law
Maxim Boulba, Partner
Maria Ermolaeva, Associate, Competition Law

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