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CMS releases podcast series on challenges and business opportunities in the world of tomorrow


Climate change, digital transformation and increasing automation have transformed the world of business. With even more significant changes on the horizon, businesses will have to adopt new, innovative strategies to succeed in the market. With this in mind, many organisations have already started using new technologies and investing in more sustainable processes and innovative products and platforms.

CMS is releasing a podcast series on challenges and business opportunities in the world of tomorrow. The series, consisting of 4 episodes, includes top speakers such as Werner Baumann (Chief Executive Officer of Bayer), Oliver Bäte (Chief Executive Officer of Allianz) and Laura Rudas (Executive Vice President Strategy of Palantir Technologies).

The podcasts were recorded during the CMS Reception in Davos 2020, which was hosted in conjunction with Germany’s leading weekly newspaper Die Zeit. Episodes are scheduled to release every Wednesday. Please visit your podcast channel of choice and use the subscribe button to be notified every time we release a new episode.


Introduction by Pierre-Sébastien Thill (CMS)

For the introduction of this episode we are joined by Pierre-Sébastien Thill, Chairman at CMS. Looking at challenges and business opportunities in the world of tomorrow, Thill concludes: “Businesses are key to solving our world’s current and future problems. We at CMS have committed ourselves to not only face the future, but also shape it together with our clients.”

Insights by Laura Rudas (Palantir Technologies) 

Laura Rudas, Executive Vice President Strategy at Palantir Technologies, shares how businesses would make better decisions if they have a better understanding of their data. However, technology also comes with its own set of challenges. On issues around data protection, Laura Rudas urges that we talk differently about data – instead of the risks of data, we should be concerned about the risks of not using data.

Impact of climate activism with Luisa Neubauer

Climate activist Luisa Neubauer shares her vision on the climate crisis. According to Neubauer, if we want to find a solution to the climate crisis, we “need people to act, to work together, that’s the only way… we need very smart collaboration, we need very smart solidarity, even.” She adds: “I wish we could find a more realistic way, a more rational way to deal with the crisis situation. The risk, scientists say, is as high as it was when they were about to drop nuclear bombs – this is where we are. This is not being apocalyptic but realistic.”

Discussion with Werner Baumann (Bayer) and Oliver Bäte (Allianz) 

The final podcast of the Davos series includes an exclusive discussion with Werner Baumann (Chief Executive Officer of Bayer) and Oliver Bäte (Chief Executive Officer of Allianz). Looking at how businesses can turn challenges into opportunities, Oliver Bäte speaks about how his company works on finding a balance between keeping traditions and values, while still being agile enough to compete in today's business environment. Werner Baumann emphasises the importance of engaged employees, adding that when things get tough and the company faces challenges, then people stand together.