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Civil and Corporate law

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Civil and commercial disputes are the most recurrent today in the business world. From complex contractual conflicts, to corporate litigation that incorporates multiple interests. All these situations require a specialized representation that ensures a favorable result in the most efficient conditions possible.

At CMS Grau we have extensive experience in the matter. Our counseling includes representing complex contractual disputes in specialized areas (mining, energy, and construction, among others). It should be noted that our counseling seeks primarily to avoid conflict through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and, if unachievable, we set out to provide the most efficient solution that fully meets the customers’ satisfaction in terms of quality and speed.

Our advantage in the market lies in the interdisciplinary nature that characterizes us as a law firm. We ensure to provide integral advice in all litigation alongside our Civil and Corporate Law team, whose members have professional experience in complex transactions that goes hand in hand with a recognized academic trajectory in the most prestigious universities in the country and abroad.