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CMS Guide to tax regimes in Central and Eastern Europe

The CMS Guide to tax regimes in Central and Eastern Europe is one of the fruits of our close cooperation within the region. It offers a unique overview of the tax systems of 13 countries in an informative and concise format as they apply on 1 January 2018 (or later).

Each country is introduced through a “Tax at a glance” section, where we have compiled the key tax facts that you need to know. The country files deal with the primary features of the tax system in question. They are a highly convenient, simple way of getting an idea of the basics, so that you know what to ask in a discussion of your specific business situation. The primary value of the country files lies in the overview they give of the region. This makes them indispensable for exploring the trends and policies that characterise the tax systems in CEE. For instance, you will learn that it is unusual to have a general corporate income tax rate of over 20%, with the exception of Austria. This is a fact worth noting amidst the drive to reduce budget deficits, as it proves that tax competition is far from over. On the contrary, the region is increasing its efforts to attract foreign investors in order to boost its economies (please refer to the sections on tax and other incentives).

CMS CEE Guide to Tax regimes in Central and Eastern Europe
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Sinan Abra
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